European Union

Work Packages

This work package will explicit general organisation of the consortium, all deliverables and milestones, in a timely manner to ensure full execution.

T1.1 Kick-off meeting: presentation of the project vision, mission and objectives, tasks and timelines with the project partners.

T1.2 Partnership agreement: internal organisation and reporting, tasks and responsibilities within the network during the project.

T1.3 Elaboration of an updated financial management plan with regard to the work packages.

This work package will document and share the experience of UniGR, a sustainable legal structure as a Luxembourgish not-for-profit association since 2015 (asbl).

T2.1 UniGR governance document collection:
- Collect and examine the governance document which led to the choice of the asbl statutes.
- Draft of a flowchart which delineates the decision process.

T2.2 Analysis and Report on UniGR creation as an asbl in 2015:
- Finalise the flowchart of the decision-making on the first statutes of UniGR.
- Report known advantages, constraints and current limits of the asbl statutes.

The content of the statutes reflects the future tasks and duties of UniGR in view of the further European development, including the adaptation of the governance.

This work package will support the development of UniGR as a transregional university alliance by identifying the most appropriate legal entity. It will explore and analyse the terms and conditions of a legal status which will catalyse European and national UniGR funding according to its core missions.

T3.1 Examination of constraints:
- Examine the managerial and administrative constraints of the types of legal status within the partner universities.
– Identify bottlenecks and contact partner structures to alleviate difficulties in implementation, if any.
- Contact regional and national authorities to control process.

T3.2 Draft the first elements of the statutes (purpose & organisation chart):
- Draft and share a mission statement and a functional flowchart for the legal entity.
- Draft the first elements of the statutes.
- Produce a SWOT chart to feed the decision process of UniGR boards.

T3.3 Proposal of statutes for a legal entity:
- Finalised statutes adapted to cross-border and transnational alliances of universities.
- Propose a model of governance.
- Examination by regional and national authorities.

Leg-UniGR’s communication policy aims to convey its strategic message to networks of universities and higher education institutions, national and European administrations, policy makers, students and employees, and society at large.

T4.1 Initial Dissemination and Communication Plan.

T4.2 Dissemination and Communication Report.

T4.3 Event/Dissemination of the proposed legal entity for UniGR – official closing event of the project.
– Event open to public, organised in Luxembourg, in a hybrid format, to maximise audience and dissemination.